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It’s Thursday, May 23rd and this is
The News That’s Not Important.

Christmas trees are back in the news that’s not important as Litigators wrestle with a proposal to introduce a 15 cent tax on the holiday pine. The proposed tax is to form a commodity check off program like that presently enjoyed by beef and dairy companies. Naysayers complain that the bill in its entirety will change crop subsidies, food stamps, and dairy programs. The Christmas tree growers would gain approximatly 2 million dollsrs for ads from the attachment – reports the Miami Herald.

This is the news that’s not important.

Lynne Brandon of Sitka Alaska Parks and Recreation has won an award for her outstanding contribution. She has receivied the highly coveted “GreenBelt” award from the Alaska Chapter of The American Society of Landscape Architechs. for excellence in the field.

In Oscala Florida the Star Banner reports city approved landscaping efforts near the Church Hill Square Publix have made the area look more like a war zone then the once oak sheltered plaza – blaming the debacle on poor city pruning certification and training.

This is the news that’s not important.

In Del Aire, California a group known as “the Fallen Fruit” has ventured into what is being billed as the states first public fruit park reports Patricia Leigh Brown of The New York Times. Eighty-seven fruit trees were planted in all, 27 in the park, and 60 in surrounding neighborhoods. Critics complain that the fruit will stain sidewalks, and become a slipping hazard. The group is scheduled to kick off the grand opening of the ‘living art’ park with a Fruit Jam where portable stoves will be set up and surplus fruit used in a variety of concoctions and recipes.

This is the news that’s not important.

In northern California residents complain that a tree the city planted in the late 1970’s has caused a sewerage leak. Over 200 gallons spilled on the sidewalk allegedly ruining works in the nearby MINE gallery. The city explained its position that the pipes were already broken. A source reports, “The pipe had to already be broken. There has to be some way for the roots to get in there.” Reporters speculate that local residents are unaccustomed to two hundred gallons of raw sewerage in the city streets. One local resident is quoted saying, “I don’t like trees downtown. It’s just my personal feeling.” reports Richard Halstead of the Marin Independent Journal, “they block the view.” The tree planted was a London plane tree, non-invasive to the area and hybrid for city planning. The sidewalk was cracked and lifted before the incident.

In unrelated news that’s not important-

In Sioux City Iowa residents can sense that summer is here, reports Nick Hytrek of the Sioux City journal. Forget about looking for tulips, every spring the orange traffic cones sprout right up on I-29 where road work means waiting, groaning and moaning as crews scurry to finish one phase of a project only to begin another.

In other orange cone related news that’s not important- cones not phones is the sponsored message through out the capitol belt way on I-95 reports the Potomac Local News in Dale VA. If you see that cone put down that phone/ or just throw it in the river – after all they cause brain cancer and-


One week blogging

After a week of blogging I’ve realized one thing- to be successful at Internet marketing you need software. You need to know your ‘nods’ ! And that takes time. My HTML kept shifting and changing as though it had a mind if its own – no idea why the same thing would work on one page, and be rejected on an another my blogger page can be seen at

Check it out, it’s not making money but I’m learning a lot from trying!


It’s Saturday, May 18th and this is the news that’s not important.

Today I’m introducing a special segment on President Obamas State of the Union- are they keeping promises?

All week long our bloggers research one promise from President Obamas State of the Union, and report. This weeks promise- maintaing pre-existent infrastructure, like bridges- using what’s there when possible instead of constructing new.

This in the news that’s unimportant.

Marv Stahl of the Norfolk Daily News reports on 2 bridges in phase 3 of a 3 phase project due to a 5 foot change in mainline elevation. The first bridge will go over a road, the second over a RR track- Phase 2 of the project is facing delays as migratory birds will be left unimpeded thru late August.

This is the news that’s unimportant.

In St. Louis, KTVI reports a new bridge will soon be completed. Over 2,200 pieces of steel girder will have been assembled on the New Blanchette bridge two and a half months ahead of schedule. Great news for St. Louis, but –
this is the news that’s unimportant.

In Terrytown NY, CBS reports constant noise coming from the New Tuppen Zee bridge construction. Pile drivers have been the subject of numerous complaints. When asked about the noise, sources reply- it’s like we have a train track right beneath us, it’s louder then the diesel trucks going by.

In other news that’s not important- in Francistown NH the Union reports on a temporary bridge project to reopen ‘the second NH turnpike’, closed in late December while rebuilding efforts for the state funded effort are refinanced.

Katrina Lamansky reports that a bridge in Illinois on I-80 into Iowa is being extensively cleaned and repaired.
True also in Greenetownship, Syracuse, and Twin Falls. Twin Falls has launched a rebuilding effort on I-84. Of course there’s a lot of bridge maintainance going on throughout the country, but after all- THIS IS THE NEWS THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT.

Jbutlerz blog

I’ve been blogging almost 24 hours, done things ‘blogging’ things – to try to get a free market, minimal capital ideal out to those who might hear. I am frustrated.
Bobbies shares are held by Jenny while Jenny has 3 kids and Bobbies just a drunk.
Market blogging must be an entirely different animal then posting.
With the effort to consider these in tandem- the true definition of the venture blog, Bobbie- and the post – I fear the absence of the systems ability to incorporate Bobbies blog- an act of withholding Bobbies rights. As strange as it seems- this is the foundation of Government, the real world we live in.
My greatest fear for Bobbie is that, when the first government arose, taking from Bobbie and merely granting Jenny his rights worked – that there was then forever a degenerate Bobbie and Jenny. That Bobbie in his sublime efforts to simply try blogging would be shut down by Jenny- that a sort of empowering of Jenny- thief ; had happened and that Bobbie in his efforts knew – he knew that he had to retrieve rights somewhere – but where? Where might Bobbie be Bobbie and Jennie be Jennie? Hong Kong- the administration asked? Tel Aviv? There is no location in the US – at yahoo where Bobbie can be Bobbie and Jennie can be Jennie. The blogosphere is entirely tilted – pro ” lex be all about Jenny- she’s got Bobbies everything” – I have called security- we must be ourselves- BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE- BE YOURSELF.


Internet Marketing

Greetings fellow entrepreneurs! Found a product I don’t think I’d mind having a bunch of in my closet, have opened a store on e-bay, jbutlerz_store. Haven’t opened a Paypal account or committed to any merchandise. Need to stop and think this through. I’m guessing I’m way off the automated response, business group mark. My newest industry seems to be taking the shape of a ‘multiple streams of income’ format rather then the sort of returns the infomercial mentioned yesterday. Follow me to see how this turns out! I’m still not sure how to get print out in front w/o the audience having to click/ suggestions welcome


Internet marketing

Did a little research on autoresponse systems- turns out there’s a few free trials out there. I’ve decided I need to get a kickin home page first, scratch that – I’ve decided to practice by sending customers to my e-bay page through a link. I’m going to set up an account today, and tomorrow I’ll print the link- the autoresponse system won’t be hooked up, as I’ve no need for it, but I think I’ll be becoming a little more Internet savvy and might even sell a few things!