It’s Saturday, May 18th and this is the news that’s not important.

Today I’m introducing a special segment on President Obamas State of the Union- are they keeping promises?

All week long our bloggers research one promise from President Obamas State of the Union, and report. This weeks promise- maintaing pre-existent infrastructure, like bridges- using what’s there when possible instead of constructing new.

This in the news that’s unimportant.

Marv Stahl of the Norfolk Daily News reports on 2 bridges in phase 3 of a 3 phase project due to a 5 foot change in mainline elevation. The first bridge will go over a road, the second over a RR track- Phase 2 of the project is facing delays as migratory birds will be left unimpeded thru late August.

This is the news that’s unimportant.

In St. Louis, KTVI reports a new bridge will soon be completed. Over 2,200 pieces of steel girder will have been assembled on the New Blanchette bridge two and a half months ahead of schedule. Great news for St. Louis, but –
this is the news that’s unimportant.

In Terrytown NY, CBS reports constant noise coming from the New Tuppen Zee bridge construction. Pile drivers have been the subject of numerous complaints. When asked about the noise, sources reply- it’s like we have a train track right beneath us, it’s louder then the diesel trucks going by.

In other news that’s not important- in Francistown NH the Union reports on a temporary bridge project to reopen ‘the second NH turnpike’, closed in late December while rebuilding efforts for the state funded effort are refinanced.

Katrina Lamansky reports that a bridge in Illinois on I-80 into Iowa is being extensively cleaned and repaired.
True also in Greenetownship, Syracuse, and Twin Falls. Twin Falls has launched a rebuilding effort on I-84. Of course there’s a lot of bridge maintainance going on throughout the country, but after all- THIS IS THE NEWS THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT.


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