Jbutlerz blog

I’ve been blogging almost 24 hours, done things ‘blogging’ things – to try to get a free market, minimal capital ideal out to those who might hear. I am frustrated.
Bobbies shares are held by Jenny while Jenny has 3 kids and Bobbies just a drunk.
Market blogging must be an entirely different animal then posting.
With the effort to consider these in tandem- the true definition of the venture blog, Bobbie- and the post – I fear the absence of the systems ability to incorporate Bobbies blog- an act of withholding Bobbies rights. As strange as it seems- this is the foundation of Government, the real world we live in.
My greatest fear for Bobbie is that, when the first government arose, taking from Bobbie and merely granting Jenny his rights worked – that there was then forever a degenerate Bobbie and Jenny. That Bobbie in his sublime efforts to simply try blogging would be shut down by Jenny- that a sort of empowering of Jenny- thief ; had happened and that Bobbie in his efforts knew – he knew that he had to retrieve rights somewhere – but where? Where might Bobbie be Bobbie and Jennie be Jennie? Hong Kong- the administration asked? Tel Aviv? There is no location in the US – at yahoo where Bobbie can be Bobbie and Jennie can be Jennie. The blogosphere is entirely tilted – pro ” lex be all about Jenny- she’s got Bobbies everything” – I have called security- we must be ourselves- BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE- BE YOURSELF.



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